What is your style?

We love to tell a story through photos. We try not to pose too much, but will offer directions when the situation calls for it. We love to shoot on location. We love to use available natural light. But, when the natural lighting is just not enough, we have the necessary gear to beautifully shine upon your story so that we are not limited to what nature can provide. Oh, yes, we love spontaneity too. SQUIRREL!


Our Promise to You

Your wedding day should be fun, but it can also be stressful with all the family, friends, and vendors going in all different directions. What we don't want you to worry about is your wedding photos. When it comes to our wedding photography service, we cover any "what ifs" within our control. We have insurance for all of our professional level Nikon equipment.  We have backups for this equipment. For some gear, we have backups for the backups. We have a solid line of credit that enables us to make emergency on location purchase when necessary. Our studio maintains a friendly network of professional photographers. This is so that in the very unlikely event that we cannot be there for your special day due to a dire situation on our part, you can be rest assured that your wedding day will still be professionally covered. We are here to make sure that your special day is captured. When it comes to your wedding photography, let us handle all the "what ifs".


I have an idea, can you do this?

Of course! We love to push the boundary of photography and tackle subjects that are new and unique. As long as it is legal and does not put anyone in danger, we are game!


My wedding is on a desert island ...

We mainly focus on events in Iowa and heartland of United States. But, since an airport is only a few miles from our studio and our passports are always up to date, we have cameras and will travel! If you are planning a destination wedding somewhere exotic, let us know and we can put together a custom package for you. 


What is Cukini?

Cukini is the name of a cartoon character Michael created for his wife, Kathryn. It stands for "Cute Kimono Ninja", or "Cu-Ki-Ni" for short. After we named the character, we found out that it means zucchini in some Eastern European languages. Cukini is also a small island in Fiji. Is anyone doing a location wedding on Cukini Island?