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Build-Your-Own Photography Art

The photographers at Cukini Studio @ Studio Reserved are passionate about the art we create and do not want to be bogged down by the business of selling products. But, we love our products. We love to unpack them. We love to touch them. We love to display them. We love to show them off. For these reasons, we created a simple and transparent way for you to create art for your home and office.


Art Creation Fee
$50 Per Image

The process starts with an art creation fee. This fee covers the time needed to prepare the image for the final art production. We go over the image carefully to remove any speck of dust accidentally captured on the camera lens. Then, we apply enhanced exposure and color adjustments to ensure that your artwork comes out in optimal viewing condition. The art creation fee is $50 per image and is only applied once per image. For albums, art creation fee is included with the album pricing. For more advanced editing, please ask our studio for more details.


Studio Fee
$10 Per Inch of Long Side

Once you have selected your images, you decide on the size and style of the art you want for each image. The size of the art determines the studio fee. Studio fee covers the production cost and the delivery charges to the studio. It also includes professional handling of the final product, where we carefully check over the art before sending them to you. If the final product does not meet our strict studio criteria, we send the product back for a complete redo. Studio Fee is very simple to calculate. Take the longest side of the art you want and multiply that by 10. For example, a 30 x 40 canvas is 40 times 10, or $400 for the studio fee. Remember that if you order multiple products of the same image, the art creation fee is only applied once.




Art | Wall



Popular Sizes

16 x 20 (200+50)

16 x 24 (240+50)

20 x 24 (240+50)

20 x 30 (300+50)

24 x 36 (360+50)

30 x 40 (400+50)

Popular Styles

Premium Canvas (1.5")

Metal Print

Art Block




Art | Album



10 x 10 Album
w/ Design Service

Starting @ 800

Crystal Cover
Cover Image
Leatherette Binding
Thick Archival Paper
20 Pages (10 sheets)
Leatherette Box

Additional pages
and styles available.








Add-on Available
with $500+ Order
or Full Day Wedding

Thick Mounted Print

5 x 7 @ 20 

8 x 10 @ 40



First 8 @ Free

Additional 8 @ 10

Curved Metal

5 x 7 @ 60

8 x 10 @ 80





Additional Notes

Additional and custom sizes may be available.
Some sizes may have limited style and frame options.
Shipping charges vary depending on shipping option selected.

Please add 7% sales tax if shipping to an Iowa address.
Full payment is required prior to any order is placed.




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