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Cosplay Image Usage Guidelines

Feel free to like, retweet, +1, heart, share, follow, tag, etc. any Cukini Studio's cosplay images you see on your favorite social media site.

If you are the main subject in the cosplay image, you are granted print release from Cukini Studio to download and print the image for your own portfolio use. You may also freely share the image to other social media sites and through your own web sites, blogs and emails, as long as Cukini Studio is credited with a link back to Cukini Studio's homepage. Please do not edit the images, including removal of any logos and watermarks.

If you wish for special edits, larger quality prints, prints without logos and watermarks, or permission for commercial use, please contact Cukini Studio for your special project quote.

If you are NOT the main subject in the cosplay image, please only share the original, unmodified image within the social media site where you saw the image. The image is not public domain and cannot be used for any other purpose without prior written permission from Cukini Studio and the main subject(s) within the image.


Private Cosplay Photo Sessions

Do you like what you see and want Cukini Studio to capture your cosplay?

We do not care if you are young, old, tall, short, thin, large, blue, red. We do not care if you hired a whole Hollywood special effects studio to make your costume or you spent months hunting for that perfect prop at Goodwill. What we do care about is how much effort you put into your cosplay, how well you pose and become that character, and how much you come alive in front of our cameras. If these things describe you and your cosplay, let's get a session scheduled! Check with us to see which convention we will be going to next. Or, if you can make your way to our studio in downtown Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we can schedule a time for a private cosplay photo session.