Cukini Studio | Directions to the Studio

Directions to the Studio

Please note that access to the Studio is by appointment only.

Studio's address is:
1200 2nd Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52403

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We are located near the intersection of Physicians' Clinic of Iowa, St. Luke's Hospital, and Coe College. The Studio is right behind Casey's convenience store, in a large red-brick building on the corner of 2nd Ave. SE and 12th St. SE.

If you have questions about these directions, please contact the member of the Studio you have a scheduled appointment with or call the main Studio line at 319-364-2702.



Here, we see the Studio from the corner of 2nd Ave. SE and 12th St. SE. Casey's convenience store is in the lower left side of the photo. The street on the left is 12th St. SE. The street on the right is 2nd Ave. SE.




This is the view of the Studio from 12th St. SE and is the west side of the Studio. The street is one way from left (1st Ave) to right (2nd Ave SE) and you may not park on the street here. The door you see in the photo is for emergency exit use only. The front door is to the right, around the corner of the building.




We are looking at the Studio from the east, across the Studio's parking lot. The entrance to the parking lot is from 2nd Ave. SE. There are two little cottages between the Studio and the parking lot. These cottages are Calder Houses, built in 1868 ( You may park here, and then take the sidewalk to the left toward the Studio.




This is the sidewalk along 2nd Ave. SE, going from the parking lot to the front of the Studio. In the distance is Physicians' Clinic of Iowa. There are multiple doors here. Please do not use the side door as that is for emergency exit use only, as is the main door to the left. Please see the photo following this one for the door to use.




This is the front of the Studio, looking at it from 2nd Ave. SE. You may park on the street here or use the parking lot mentioned earlier. Notice the two front doors. Please use the right one. Go up the small flight of stairs to that set of doors. There are black wooden letters of S and R (for Studio Reserved) mounted on these doors. Please ring the door bell. The Studio is fairly large and takes us a little bit of time to get from one end of the building to the front door. Thank you for your patience.

If no one answers the door after a little while, please call the member of the Studio you are meeting with. If you cannot get hold of anyone there, please call the Studio's main number at 319-364-2702.