Cukini Studio | Studio Time @ Studio Reserved

Studio Time @ Studio Reserved

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Located in downtown Cedar Rapids, right next door to the NewBo City Market. 



  • $30 per hour per photographer
  • Minimum 2 hours



  • $300 per month per photographer
  • Up to 15 hours may be reserved on the Studio calendar per month
  • Each reservation needs to be at least 2 hours in length
  • May use Studio beyond 15 hours if the time is not reserved and the Studio is open
  • Increment of 6 months commitment required
  • Minimum first and last month of rental cost required prior to the start of the first month
  • Prorated if mid month entry
  • Option to load private label images for digital slideshows during scheduled rental time
  • Option to purchase sign to private label Studio's entrance during scheduled rental time


Fine Print

  • Call 319-360-2556 or email to make your reservation.
  • Please reserve at least 72 hours in advance.
  • Rental agreement is by individual photographer and is not transferable. 
  • Full payment is required prior to the start of the scheduled session.
  • Any overtime and property damage need to be paid prior to leaving the Studio.
  • Lighting and other electronic equipment rental are extra. Please inquire with the Studio.
  • Studio equipment cannot leave the Studio area.
  • Please treat all Studio equipment with care and clean up after your session.
  • You are responsible for any assistants and clients you invite to the Studio. 
  • A Studio representative will be in the Studio to answer your questions during your rental time.
  • Studio reserves the right to decline rental for any reason except those protected by the laws of Iowa and United States.
  • Studio reserves the right to evict for any illegal and dangerous activities to person and property. 
  • Liability insurance is highly recommended. Studio does not provide liability coverage to person and property.
  • Studio is not liable for any unforeseen interruption to Studio equipment, utilities and building access.
  • Studio is not liable for any lost revenue stemming from such interruption.
  • Studio is not liable for any injury to yourself, your staff, and your clients.
  • Studio is not liable for any damage, loss, or theft to properties belonging to yourself, your staff, and your clients.
  • There is no refund on the rental fees paid except in the case of permanent Studio closure, and the liability in such case is only limited to the prorated value.
  • For the latest agreement details, please request an actual copy of the agreement.