"Last Minute" Wedding

Cedar Rapids + Iowa City + Tiffin, Iowa


It was a rare free Saturday in the middle of the wedding season.
I slept in late. I went out to get a haircut.
Came home. Took a shower. Put the PJ back on.
Sat down and got ready to do some editing.


20150815-Kassi+Scott-10220150815-Kassi+Scott-102   20150815-Kassi+Scott-10420150815-Kassi+Scott-104


Then, the notifications started to pop up.
My studio partner was messaging me.
The local camera store left me voicemail.
The father of the groom called the store.


20150815-Kassi+Scott-20720150815-Kassi+Scott-207   20150815-Kassi+Scott-20920150815-Kassi+Scott-209


The photographer they booked did not show up.
And the ceremony was at 2 pm.
I looked at the clock. 
It was 11:30 am.


20150815-Kassi+Scott-19820150815-Kassi+Scott-198   20150815-Kassi+Scott-21420150815-Kassi+Scott-214


I quickly got dressed and jumped into the car.
Luckily, the studio was on the way to the church.
I stopped at the studio and grabbed everything I could.
I made it to the church by 12:30 pm.


20150815-Kassi+Scott-32120150815-Kassi+Scott-321   20150815-Kassi+Scott-32920150815-Kassi+Scott-329


The wedding party and the family were in the middle of taking formal portraits.
I assumed the photographer role and got all the formals out of the way.
We focused on the families, since we could get the wedding party later.
The beautiful ceremony came and went.




After the ceremony, we drove to Iowa City.
A few photos around the stadium.
A few photos around the Old Capitol.
Then, we were off to Tiffin for the reception.



20150815-Kassi+Scott-74720150815-Kassi+Scott-747   20150815-Kassi+Scott-75420150815-Kassi+Scott-754



Reception was lovely too.
Beautiful couple with wonderful families and friends.
I even got a shout out during bride and groom's toast.
That was a first. I was caught off guard. I kept on shooting.


20150815-Kassi+Scott-43820150815-Kassi+Scott-438   20150815-Kassi+Scott-53220150815-Kassi+Scott-532

20150815-Kassi+Scott-57920150815-Kassi+Scott-579   20150815-Kassi+Scott-52720150815-Kassi+Scott-527


But, we were still missing the fun portraits of just the bride and the groom.
So, we set a date to meet up after their honeymoon.




The bride went back to her florist and remade the bouquet.
She went back to her hair stylist and make-up artist.
Without the typical stress of the wedding day,
We spent a few hours taking wedding portraits.




We did not have to worry about other wedding day activities.
We had time for multiple locations.
We spent the evening by the river.
Enjoyed the sunset, the fire, and the Milky Way.




20151011-Kassi+Scott-87720151011-Kassi+Scott-877   20151011-Kassi+Scott-89320151011-Kassi+Scott-893