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Michael enjoys creating photo stories for weddings, events, and special image sessions. It is nice to have planned and posed shots now and then. But, the most heartfelt photos are spawned from candidness and spontaneity. Michael looks for those special moments and captures them. Michael started his photography journey when it was all film. He is still addicted to the chemical smells of the dark room. Then, Michael met Kathryn and life got busy. Years later, Michael received an online message: "So, I know this is a strange thing to ask. But, since you take great photos of your cats, I was wondering if you do wedding photos?" Michael got hooked again and Cukini Studio was born. Michael likes to travel and find new places to photograph. He especially enjoys any photography having to do with the night sky, fire, and performance art. Not necessarily all together.



With an eye for lighting and color, Kathryn supervises the editing process during post production. Sometimes, she joins Michael at weddings and portrait sessions as assistant or second photographer. Her background is in musical theater, and Kathryn has held roles in regional performances as well as designed costumes for them. As the costume designer for a community theatre, she utilizes her love for theater costuming, as well as designing gowns for bridal parties. When not busy doing everything else, Kathryn likes to lose herself in movies and books. She is a Disney fanatic and likes to drag Michael to Disney World or Disneyland every chance she gets. Her favorite ride at anything Disney is the Haunted Mansion.


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Amy M. (Iowa)
Amy S. (Wisconsin)
Anna B. (Iowa)
Emma H. (Iowa)
Erich A. (Iowa)
Jane W. (Iowa)
Nika R. (Wisconsin)
Rhonda P. (Florida)
Tanya B. (Iowa)





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